EatFit is a goal oriented intervention that challenges adolescents to improve their eating and fitness choices.

It consists of:

On-line Eating Analysis
Want an interactive, individualized approach to improving your students' eating habits? Some way that you can target each student at a personal level while teaching them math and computer skills at the same time? And know that it is effective? Look no further. Just click on the Eating Analysis link on the left to try it out for yourself.

This on-line application starts with the entry of a 24-hour diet record by the student, and concludes with the output of a behaviorally focused goal. The Eating Analysis will provide feedback on six main areas: calcium, iron, fruits and vegetables, added sugar, fat, and habits. Students can choose from the two areas that need the most improvement and then choose a specific goal to work towards. Results have shown great success.

Teacher Curriculum
This nine-lesson curriculum provides hands-on activities that teach students the skills they need to meet their goals. It is behaviorally focused and thus includes activities that help students to gain the insight and awareness required to change thier current food related behaviors. To preview some of these materials, choose from the list below. These documents are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files*.

- Table of Contents and Introduction
- Sample Lesson Plan
- Correlations to the California Department of Education Standards and Competencies
- Exercise Demonstration
Student Workbook
These magazine style booklets provide all the necessary handouts in a teen-friendly format. The cost of purchasing is usually less than photocopying. To preview some of the pages, choose from the list below:

- Cover
- Table of Contents
- How Many? Activity

If you are interested in using EatFit in your classroom, there are two ways to obtain it.

If you are a low income school in California (at least 50% of your students qualify for free or reduced priced lunches) you can get free materials through your local Cooperative Extension Office. To locate an office near you, visit or for a listing.

If you are unsure if your school qualifies, visit the CDE DataQuest site. If you do not qualify as low income, materials can be purchased through ANR Publications.

If you would like to view the PowerPoint slide show presented at the California School-Age Consortium /CANFIT National Middle School Conference, download it here in PowerPoint, or in .pdf format

*If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the program for free at Home

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