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Cathi, Age 14, Redding
Hi, I'm Cathi! I'm 13 years old and I met my goal. When I did the eating analysis, it told me that I needed to eat less sugar, I chose to replace the soda I drank with juice, 3 days a week at lunch. This was a pretty easy switch, since my school offers orange juice. Every once in a while, I was tempted to drink soda. But, since I only had to drink juice 3 days a week, it left two days that I could treat myself. The thing is, once I started getting used to ordering juice, I kind of wanted it, so I don't miss the soda anymore.

Jeremy, Age 12, Bakersfield
As a guy who loves to play soccer, gaining strength was really important to me. So, when I got the chance to work on that, I figured it was the perfect time to get going. I chose to do push-ups. I mean girls love guys who do push-ups. So, every morning, the first thing I did was do 15 push-ups. At first, I couldn't do that many, but I kept trying, and after only a few weeks, I was doing up to 15. I didn't stop once the class stopped working on goals. I kept doing it. It only takes a couple of minutes, and I can see the changes. Now I can do 25 straight - not bad, huh?

Ling, Age 14, Vacacille
Well, getting rid of the mayonnaise on my sandwiches was a hard change. I mean, a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without mayonnaise. At first, I forgot to order my burgers without, plus I felt kinda weird asking for a special thing. But, then I went out with a friend one day, and he ordered his without. Nobody said anything and the clerk person just said 'okay' and didn't make a big deal about it. So, I figured it was cool if I ordered the same. Since then I've never gone back. I don't really miss it anymore. I just add extra ketchup or mustard.

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